Glanville – First Blood (Black Vinyl)


Glanville – First Blood (12″ Black Vinyl, inkl. Download Code) Auflage: 500 St.

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Limited to 500 LPs. LP version of „First Blood“ on 140gr black vinyl. No fancy colours, no special packaging… but in the best sound quality you can get! Incl. Download Code!
Mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator, producer of St. Vitus and many more) and master cut by SST, Frankfurt (high end master cutting since 1969!).
Artwork by Maarten Donders.

René Hofmann and Philipp Michel started playing music together as teenagers but at such a young age nobody knows what will happen the next day, much less in the far future. 13 years later Hofmann is a music producer in Darmstadt and Michel is an active touring guitar player and songwriter, still based in the Hessian hinterland. After all these years the two decide to start a new project together, a classic duo like Page and Plant. The search for the rest of the band GLANVILLE took more than a year, but finally a line-up of experienced musicians was completed: Peter-Philipp Schierhorn on bass, Thomas Hoffmann on drums, and Chris West on second guitar. After a quick and dirty pre-production the band met at a studio in Darmstadt, with most members never having played together and some even meeting each other for the first time. Everyone’s prepared and focused. Two days of rehearsals. Two days of recording. Live, real and with passion for the music. The result is a little like Thin Lizzy, a little like Iron Maiden, and with hints of Dio. GLANVILLE sounds like Rob Halford wearing Dennis Hopper’s leather jacket. An introduction of things to come.

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